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Office Guide

Main Office Wing
Floor Floor Arrangement
7F General Safety Division, Construction Division, Architecture Division
6F Planning and Coordination Office, Communication and Audit Office, Urban Regeneration Division, Resident Support Division, Resident Welfare Division, Living Security Division, Economy Promotion Division, Park and Greenery Division Deputy Mayor’s Office
5F General Affairs Division, Financial Affairs Division, Culture and Sports Division, Conference Hall, IT Education Room, Nam-gu Lifelong Learning Center
4F Transportation Management Division, Lifelong Education Division, Homeland Reserve Forces
3F Tax Affairs Division 1, Tax Affairs Division 2, Environmental & Sanitation Division, Cleaning Management Division
2F Mayor’s Office, Civil Service and Passport Division, Land Management Division, Job Information Center, Automatic Civil Document Issuance Room
1F Cafeteria, Book Cafe, Parking
B1F Parking
B2F Parking
District Assembly Wing
Floor Floor Arrangement
3F Chamber of Expert Commissioners, Conference Room 1, Conference Room 2
2F Main Conference Hall, Chairman’s Office, Vice Chairman’s Office
1F Commissioner’s Office, Council Secretariat, Pusan Bank