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I would like to extend my warmest welcome to everyone visiting the website of Nam-gu, Busan Metropolitan City.
I am Oh Eun-taek, the District Mayor of Nam-gu.

구청장님 사진

Nam-gu district in Busan, has limitless potential for future development through its historical, cultural, and industrial
assets, including the world’s only UN Memorial Cemetery, Uam-dong Somak Village, Culture Alley in the Kyungsung and Pukyong
universities neighborhood, Busan International Finance Center, and the Maritime Industry Cluster at Uam Pier. Nam-gu is also a
charming part of the city that offers areas with magnificent natural scenery, such as Oryukdo, Igidae and Sinseondae.

Based on such resources, the 8th Nam-gu district government will make Nam-gu “a transformative city” and “a city cherished by
the world” together with the citizens of Nam-gu via organization of a Global Special Peace and Culture Zone, a three-phase
development of BIFC and relocation of the Korea Development Bank.

For this goal, as head of Nam-gu, I will closely pay attention to the voices of each and every one of you and be more
proactive in communicating with you.

Thank you.
Oh Eun-taek, the District Mayor of Nam-gu