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Dear Citizens and Visitors,
As Mayor of Nam-gu, I sincerely welcome you to the home of Oryukdo, the iconic five islands of Busan.

In Nam-gu, we have the one and only UN Memorial Park, Busan’s iconic Oryukdo, four universities including Pukyong National University and Kyungsung University, and 52 elementary, middle and high schools.

Also, we have the Busan Cultural Center, the cradle of Busan culture, Busan Museum, Imperial Japan Conscript Labor History Museum, and UN Peace Memorial Hall that are all harmoniously positioned next to each other as proof of being a city of education and culture.

Moreover, Nam-gu is proud to be the center of international port logistics where five piers, including Sinseondae pier and Gamman pier, process over 25% of container traffic in Busan.

Furthermore, the Munhyeon financial complex has been designated as a true financial hub in Northeast Asia, housing Pusan ​​International Financial Centre, the Bank of Korea's Busan headquarters, Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund and BNK Busan Bank in the complex.

With marine tourism resources such as Sinseondae, Oryukdo and Dongsaengmal Trail, and tourism facilities including Oryukdo Skywalk and tourist information center, the area looks promisingto become a world famous marine theme park.

Thank you in advance for your valuable advice and unwavering support.

Park Jaebem Mayor of Nam-gu.