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Medical System

Medical System

Health Insurance
  • Health Insurance System
    • Health Insurance is separated into employee insurance and local health insurance. National health insurance is the system by which contributions made by insured persons are consolidated into a fund and insurance benefits are provided upon their need. The system aims to share the burden between insured persons and provide medical services.
Conditions for Enrollment
  • Registered foreigners who meet the following conditions can apply for the health service.
    • Employee insurance : Employers or employees of work places
    • Local health insurance : Those who are excluded from the employee insured scheme and have one of the following residence.
    • statuses : F-2, F-4, D-1~9, E-1~5, E-7~8, F-1 (spouses and children of Korean nationals) and those who are the spouses and children under 20 years of age of foreigners.
Enrollment procedures and required documents
  • Employee insurance : The employer will prepare the documents and apply to the National Health Insurance Corporation.
  • Local health insurance : Please prepare your alien registration card and passport and visit the nearest office of the National Health Insurance Corporation.
Contributions and Payment
  • Employee health insurance : Salary × Employee insurance rate (50% shared by employer) Contribution amount is deducted from salary.
  • Local health insurance : People with income : Income x Health insurance rate
  • People with no income , Average contribution of local health insurance of last year (If studying abroad : 30% reduced)
  • Full insurance fee should be paid every 3 months.
  • Foreigners who have a status of F-1 and F-2 shall pay the contribution under the same conditions as Koreans.
  • The responsibility of insurance fee payment begins from the date of issuance of your alien registration.

※ Please visit the National Health Insurance website at www.nhic.or.kr for more information on medical insurance or for the address and telephone number of branch offices throughout the country. Inquiries: 1577-1000

Health Insurance Inquiries
  • Busan Nam-gu Branch: 4th fl., Kolon Building, 4th Floor, 806 Suyeong-ro (36-7 Namcheon1-dong), Suyeong-gu, Busan
  • Tel. 1577-1000 / Fax. (051) 801-4291~4300

Community Health Center

Nam-gu Community Health Center is dedicated to serving the community as a local health and medical institution on the basis of the Regional Public Health Act, in order to improve the overall health condition of citizens while preventing diseases.

Center Information
  • Location : 23 Motgollo (Daeyeon-dong), Nam-gu, Busan
  • Hours of operation : 09:00 - 18:00 (Lunch break from 12:00 - 13:00)
  • Tel. :051-607-6460
  • Closed: Every Saturday and national holidays
Treatment and Tests
Category Details Remarks
General Practitioner
  • Basic primary care and counseling
  • Main clinic: internal medicine
Tuberculosis care
  • Tuberculosis examination
  • Tuberculosis patient care
  • Patient who requires physical therapy upon doctor’s prescription after primary care
  • Electrical therapy, Heat therapy, Traction therapy, Rehabilitation
Herbal Treatment
  • Treatment and medication for acupuncture, cupping
  • Free Infant Immunization (national mandatory vaccination)
  • Paid vaccination - Hepatitis B, Typhoid fever, Nephrotic syndrome
Various tests Blood tests
  • Hepatitis test - Hepatitis A, B hepatitis, hepatitis C
  • Liver function test
  • Cholesterol test
  • Kidney test
  • Anemia test
  • Blood sugar test
  • 4 tests (protein, glucose, PH, fecal occult blood)
STD tests
  • Syphilis test
  • Gonorrhea test
HIV test
  • AIDS (enzyme immunoassay)
EKG test
  • EKG
Rubella test
  • Rubella antigen, antibody tests