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Daeyeon Arboretum

Daeyeon Arboretum

  • Location : 447-24 sinseonno (Daeyeon-dong), Nam-gu, Busa


The arboretum, a greenbelt with total area of 53,492㎡ and a width of 50 meters that envelopes the UN Memorial Park, provides one of the most revitalizing resting places to citizens and visitors, in connection with the best cultural tourism belt such as Busan Museum.

600 species of plants are embedded throughout the arboretum including herb garden, coniferous forests, Oryukdo garden, water-walls garden, deciduous tree garden, evergreen broad-leaved trees, bamboo groves, hibiscus garden, and fruit tree garden. Visitors can witness the importance of Mother Nature and its beautiful diversity.

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Transportation information

  • 68, 134, 138 :

    UN Memorial Park stop

  • Subway Line 2 :

    Get off at Kyungsungdae/Pukyongdae Station, Line 2 and walk for10 minutes